Friday, 31 August 2007

Carla Evora Dominguez

6. Describe what you see yourself doing in the future

I the future I see myself taking the same steps that my father has taken. I feel inside of me that im going to be a great actress and working beside my father in whatever: movies, soapoperas, TV series, etc. I see myself living in L.A. next to the best actors and actresses, but what I really prefer is to work next to my dad.
I recognize myself more an auditory and visual person. I remember working next to nice actors and actresses in a couple of soapoperas. I believe that the career cinemma direction (what my father studied) is really cool and I hope to be and to study this.
What Im about to tell you, an anecdote of me, is that I always practice infront of the mirror different characters nad changing my voice like an evil person, a victim, a good person or which other character, voice or being a hero in a life of a person.
I believe that being a famous person brings you good and bad stuff.
Like living in Mexico, a bad thing is receiving in your home and cellphone, threatning calls about your family who has being kidnapped. A good thing of being famouse is that it opens you a lot of doors leading to success throughout history. It also helps you economic way. I love being dramatic in everything.
When Im in school, I feel like Im not the person that I want to e but when I am with my family Im the young girl I want to be. Sometimes when I am really annoyed, I feel like a wildbeast who is about to come out. I love everything about acting and directing. I hope that someday I work with my dad. I hope everybody likes my work in the future!!! Thank You!!!

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